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La Luna Massage & Doula Practice

One thing I know for sure is that touch is paramount to thriving as human beings.


In my practice as a massage therapist and Reiki Practitioner my deepest intention is to help people get IN their bodies and learn to navigate what is present and ready for tending within themselves.


Through body, breath and emotional awareness we create stronger rootedness within ourselves and deeper, more satisfying connection with others.

I honestly believe that if we all received massage regularly (at least once a month) there would be world peace….or close to it. In a world where stress, anxiety and disconnection have become the norm massage is a powerful tool for healing and it is true preventative medicine.


I never intended to become a massage therapist; In fact, the thought scared the bejeezus out of me! My partner at the time was just starting out as a massage therapist so I got to see the process up close. Something stirred inside of me. l followed the pull in this direction and realized that my fear of being a massage practitioner was about human touch, navigating boundaries, healing, self responsibility, holding space, fear of doing something wrong and major fear of intimacy. True to my nature, I couldn’t look away, for human connection is vital to me (to all of us really) and I thought if I am this scared….there must be something in it for me. Shortly after receiving my level II Reiki training I graduated from Denton Massage (2005) and started my own massage practice La Luna Massage.


As I write this I am in my tenth year of my practice. What I have found as a massage therapist has been richer, more healing and deeper than I ever considered. I have learned SO many beautiful lessons about holding space, safe touch, non-sexual intimacy, boundaries, integrity and how it all ties in with business. This has been and continues to be an AMAZING journey! And I LOVE the human body! Muscles and bones and the whole system FASCINATE me! Over the years I have learned to keep my hands to myself when with my friends because I often have the urge to palpate muscle attachments and bony structures on people. It has become a tic! Massage is not only grounding for my clients it is grounding for me as well. I have a strong spiritual practice that is the foundation on my daily life and massage is every bit a part of this practice.



1 hour massage and/or Reiki session: $65

1 and a half hour massage and/or Reiki session: $90


I am trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Treatment, Prenatal, Infant, labor, On-site, Lomi-Lomi (level I), Reiki II and Presencing (a method taught by Jack Blackburn of Seattle, WA). I draw on ALL of these methods in my practice and have come to my very own unique style of massage that I most like to think of as deeply satisfying and complete. 

I am also a raw chocolatier and the insanely proud owner of LunaVida Raw Chocolates! You can purchase chocolate directly from me at Tending Moon, my website, AND throughout our incredible community. Currently they are at Trapeze Cafe (inside the Public Market).


These chocolates also support women. Seriously– you won’t often come across a mama who doesn’t like chocolate and I would LOVE to turn everyone on to this truly HEALTHY, good for you chocolate. I offer tinctured chocolates too that can be tailored to fit your monthly cycle needs. I use locally owned and operated Wildroot Botanicals tinctures. I love supporting other local businesses whenever possible.  Nettle, Rich Milk, Raspberry Leaf and Menstrual Cramp Relief tinctures are the ones I use from Wildroot Botanicals the most when making specialty chocolates for women.


Click the logo to visit LunaVida






♥ ~ Lisa

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