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Why Tending Moon



If you know me personally you have no doubt heard me at least ONCE comment on how women need more support. I have been mulling this over for a while. Maybe even my whole life. But the pull to do something about it is unavoidable anymore. Rather than just talk about it I decided to pull my big girl pants on and do something about it. And here goes my journey.


In 2010 I joined Mary Burgess as she moved her practice as a birth educator and doula to the lower portion of the Bellingham Birth Center and created a center where we had a kitchen, a living room we used as a classroom with a bathroom off of it and two offices, one Mary used as her business office and the other I used (and still do) for massage and my doula business. Soon Tanya Hladik jumped in with us and began sharing the massage space with me. All three of us are doulas, Tanya and I both also practice massage.


Mary is such a blessing in my life and I consider her a mentor to myself and so many in the birth community. We here in “Birthingham” are SO LUCKY to have her in our tribe. This woman is deeply rooted and has connections with the fairies no doubt. She is a rich, in depth resource for us. She has a way about her than can ease the most unsettled part of you (or speaking for myself, of ME).  I could think of no one better than Mary to be in the role of doula and Birthing From Within birth educator, but she is SO much more than that! I know I’m not the only one who feels the world is right now that Mary is now studying midwifery! With this shift she decided to move her office back to her home space and devote her time to her studies and her family while she is in school.


When Mary told me she had decided it was time to refocus her energies and move Life Song my heart sank. But after a bit of percolating I realized this was actually a huge opportunity for me to take a leap. So leap I did. And into the process I go.

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